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Sensorisch Landschap - Phase 1

As part of a consortium we develop new measurement tools for soil vitality, focusing on biodiversity, greenhouse gas reduction and water regulation

Sensorisch Boeren - Den Treek-Henschoten

Research on soil vitality of grasslands of the estate Den Treek-Henschoten

Eendje meer

Pilot investigating the feasibility of duckweed cultivation in greenhouses of flower bulb hatcheries


Creating circular hydroponics system using digestate as organic nutrient source to replace mineral fertilizer

Azolla pilot De Marsen

In this pilot we experimented with the cultivation of Azolla to locally produce a protein-rich feed for chickens and pigs

Ecological cultivation of duckweed

In this project we grew duckweed and azolla to purify the surface water from excess nitrogen and phosphate, while simultaniously producing a protein-rich feed for local farmers

R&D for Plantible Foods

Research and development of the cultivation of Lemna for application in human nutrition

Kroos & Co

Setting up a local production chain for water lentils: from cultivation to processing and application