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Ecological cultivation of duckweed

This pilot project investigated the ' ecological' cultivation of duckweed on surface water to
● Purify surface waters from excess phosphate and nitrogen, before the water flows into the nature reserve.
● Produce protein-rich biomass that can be used as animal feed by nearby farmers.

This project was a continuation of the Kroos & Co project that was completed in 2018. Within this former project a special flow-through system was developed and implemented at the test-site on the Lankheet estate in Haaksbergen. This system allows us to cultivate duckweed on the available surface water. Based on the previous experience a number of focus area's were identified that will be further researched within the current project, including:
● Optimizing of the flow-through system for biomass production and mineral uptake
● Automating of the cultivation
● Developing practical methods for harvest and processing
● Analyzing biomass quality with respect to feed safety

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