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Developing and Engineering Better Agriculture
with Aquatic Innovations

About deBaai

deBaai works on the cultivation and application of aquatic crops. Aquatic crops are characterized by:

● A high biomass yield combined with a rich biomass composition, often including a high protein content.
● The ability to directly take up minerals from the water column, making them ideally suited for removing excess nitrogen, phosphorous or other minerals from waste-streams or surface waters.
● A cultivation which is independent of arable land and thereby provides an alternative for marginal lands on which conventional crops provide little to no yield.

Thanks to these properties, aquatic crops can contribute to more sustainable farming, a circular economy and reduced dependency on imports of raw materials, such as soy.

deBaai initiates, and participates in, projects that aim to develop the cultivation and application of aquatic crops to a sustainable and economically feasible alternative for current production systems for food, feed and materials. The role of deBaai in these projects varies from performing research and development to consultancy and (technical) project management.

Latest News

Jan. 14, 2019

Results Azolla pilot de Marsen published in Vfocus

The results from the growing season of 2018 from the Azolla pilot at ' Zorgboerderij de Marsen' are published in Vfocus, a magazine for professionals in the animal feed industry

Link to the article (in Dutch)

Nov. 28, 2018

Article on Azolla in EOS

The popular scientific magazine EOS featured an article about Azolla, written by Corlijn de Groot. In the article Paul Brouwer of deBaai is interviewed about the recent scientific breakthroughs and the Azolla pilot that is ongoing at ' Zorgboerderij de Marsen'

Link to article (in Dutch)

Oct. 3, 2018

Azolla pilot de Marsen featured on NTR Focus

NTR Focus made a special episode on Azolla. In this episode Wouter Joop of ' Zorgboerderij de Marsen' is interviewed about the ongoing pilot on his farm

Link to the video (in Dutch)